The Strategic Objective of the company is to create employment opportunities in the African region and to increase the purchasing power of the people so that the living standard of the people can be alleviated


WASSOULOU EMPIRE INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED ( WEI-GROUP LTD ) is a multi-national company specialized in asset management, fund management, large portfolio, and project financing (micro projects and mega projects of all kinds), organizing international forums, and play an important role in Public-Private Partnerships and Private-Private Partnership

WEI-GROUP LTD is a private company registered in England with number 15149914 and has its Head Office in London

Conquer the world with

Major Activites

WEI-Group Ltd is organizing international business forums, Strategic Consultancy
Services, and Management of Subsidiaries

Business People in Forum

international business forums

WEI-GROUP LTD will strategically plan to conquer the world and for that purpose, it will organize different business forums that will have many directions in nature


Strategic Consultancy Services

WEI-GROUP LTD will provide a diverse range of consulting services that include Business Strategic Solutions to its clients, Enterprise Program Management Consulting, Enterprise Resource Planning and, Public-Private Partnership, and Private-Private Partnership

Business executives in a management meeting

Management of Subsidiaries.

When there are several subsidiaries, different problems arise that need to be managed effectively so that a healthy approach can be adopted to conquer world
with long-term and short strategic planning


Fashion Industry

This will be the most comprehensive fashion marketplace in the world showcasing women and men’s apparel

Production & Processing Expo

International Production and Processing Expo will be the world’s largest poultry, meat, and feed industry

Beautification Industry

The Beauty experience will be the world's biggest professional-only beauty show that will bring with it

Gem and Jewelry Industry

This business Expo will be one of the most comprehensive jewels and gem shows in the world.

Import and Export Fair

This will display products every product in the field of Electronics and Household Electrical Appliances equipment

Funds Management

During a business activity, several issues arise to a company, the problem that caused to stop their operations

Our Strategic Partners Websites

Nilafia Body Gym

Nilafia is a company that will design, manufacture, and sells top gym equipment and unlimited fitness accessories

Nilafia Pro Gym

Nilafia Pro Gym is a state of the art fitness center helping people to do Extreme Fitness and Exercises with Body Shaping

Gandal Media

This is an international media channel (television, radio, print and digital press.

Gnoumaya Radio

Gnoumaya radio is built to showcase the beauty of africa.


Gnoumaya TV

Nilafia Pro Gym is a state of the art fitness center helping people to do Extreme Fitness and Exercises with Body Shaping

Ghetto Positive

Ghetto Positive is a streetwear clothing and accessories brand specifically operating in urban centers

Farafina Movies

Farafina is a movie streaming platform that allows you to watch all your favorite movies and series.

Meyssan Baël

Meyssan Baël is a clothing and accessories brand specialized for children, in particular for girls.

Ernest Borttino

Ernest Borttino is a high-end watchmaking and jewelry brand for extremely wealthy men / women.

Realvolt Empire

High-end fashion clothing and accessories brand for men and women.

Muchiano Cavalero

High-end fashion clothing and accessories brand for luxury lifestyle men and women.


This Is An E-Commerce Platform Where You Can Find Everything. It Connects Buyers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers And Service Providers Of All Kinds


(KRÖM) is a brand of household appliances.

Rayan-T Prod

RAYAN-T PROD (RT PROD) is a music and film production company

Mom's Hand Food

This Is An International Organic Fast Food Company, Which Sells Organic Food. ​

Soukabai Land

Soukabai Land is amusement parks for families like Disney Land Paris.


This is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-end construction materials of all kinds (sanitary, roofing, etc.)

SYLI Airlines

This is an international airline specializing in the rental of private jets, cargo, commercial aircraft, etc.

BoHoNe Sounds

BOHONE SOUNDS (BS) is a brand specializing in audio, all sound engineering

Farafinawood Studios

This is a mega audiovisual production industry & international film industry like Hollywood, Bollywood, etc.


FOUNDERof wei-group LTD

A passionate and open-minded individual supported by a team of credible and committed individuals prepared to harness all their strength availability, and professionalism to catapult the business to a greater height

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